Commit 1a2bf656 authored by nikaeinn's avatar nikaeinn
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Rename the submodules for OAI

parent a37a3206
......@@ -13,12 +13,11 @@
path = jox
url =
branch = develop
[submodule "agent-r"]
path = agent-r
[submodule "oai-ran"]
path = oai-ran
url =
branch = develop
[submodule "agent-c"]
path = agent-c
[submodule "oai-cn"]
path = oai-cn
url =
branch = openair-cn-llmec
Subproject commit c5cad9db868ad6a9b29d5c5a8af490679602378f
Subproject commit 3bf8768d1b965f65d28cef57ec3d7426f80b0752
Subproject commit 8e57c5815f818458ff80c9a595280ea21080a7a3
Subproject commit e56ae69bc3e66d70f00dc6056fca925d1fe6026f
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