Commit 4692877e authored by nikaeinn's avatar nikaeinn
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Support OAI-CN in the build script

parent 4bbd874d
...@@ -81,6 +81,7 @@ oai_ran_bin=$oai_ran_path/targets/bin ...@@ -81,6 +81,7 @@ oai_ran_bin=$oai_ran_path/targets/bin
oai_ran_branch=develop oai_ran_branch=develop
oai_cn_path=$m5g_path/oai-cn oai_cn_path=$m5g_path/oai-cn
oai_cn_exec=$oai_cn_path/build oai_cn_exec=$oai_cn_path/build
oai_cn_exec_name='' oai_cn_exec_name=''
oai_cn_branch=openair-cn-llmec oai_cn_branch=openair-cn-llmec
...@@ -314,6 +315,15 @@ build_oai_cn(){ ...@@ -314,6 +315,15 @@ build_oai_cn(){
git submodule update oai-cn git submodule update oai-cn
cd $oai_cn_path cd $oai_cn_path
git checkout $oai_cn_branch git checkout $oai_cn_branch
cd $oai_cn_build
./build_hss -i -F -e
./build_spgw -i -f
./build_mme -i -f
cd $m5g_path cd $m5g_path
echo_success "Cloned OAI CN $oai_cn_branch branch with ll-mec agent" echo_success "Cloned OAI CN $oai_cn_branch branch with ll-mec agent"
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