Commit d24f12b7 authored by nikaeinn's avatar nikaeinn
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add submodules and the corresponding subdirectories

parent 9eaf5579
[submodule "controller"]
path = controller
url =
[submodule "agent"]
path = agent
url =
branch = develop
[submodule "ll-mec"]
path = ll-mec
url =
[submodule "jox"]
path = jox
url =
Subproject commit 3bf8768d1b965f65d28cef57ec3d7426f80b0752
Subproject commit d1c664cf8c59932070f53f55bc55ce89ed1ae4a4
Subproject commit 72298b6e4d5bc249d41540132ce8486a9ccfce5e
Subproject commit cb494e8121a5272dfa3a60ef4b067925a95507ed
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