Commit 83fd93b7 authored by Raphael Defosseux's avatar Raphael Defosseux
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fix(ci): gitlab pipeline stage notifications were incorrect: one job was pending

Signed-off-by: Raphael Defosseux's avatarRaphael Defosseux <>
parent 8e7e120f
Pipeline #26255 canceled with stage
in 0 seconds
...@@ -67,9 +67,10 @@ pipeline { ...@@ -67,9 +67,10 @@ pipeline {
"Build RHEL8 NRF Image", "Build RHEL8 NRF Image",
"Static Code Analysis", "Static Code Analysis",
"Code Formatting Checker", "Code Formatting Checker",
"Test with DsTester" "Bracket Test with DsTester",
"Test with DsTester on Docker environment",
"Test with DsTester on OC environment"
]) ])
} }
stages { stages {
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