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DOC: fix folder tree

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......@@ -59,14 +59,15 @@ The OpenAirInterface CN UDM software is composed of the following parts:
├── 3gpp-specs: Directory containing 3GPP specification files (YAML) used to implement UDM network function.
├── build: Build directory, contains targets and object files generated by compilation of network functions.
├── log: Directory containing build log files.
├── scripts: Directory containing scripts for building network functions.
└── udm: Directory containing CMakefile.txt and object files generated by compilation of UDM network function.
├── ci-scripts: Directory containing the script files for CI framework.
├── docs: Directory containing the documentation files.
├── docker: Directory containing the DockerFiles to build images.
├── etc: Directory containing the configuration file to be deployed for UDM.
├── scripts: Directory containing some scripts.
└── src: Source files of UDM.
├── 5gaka: Security algorimth implementation.
├── api-server: UDM services APIs.
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