Commit 219181c9 authored by Romain Kuntz's avatar Romain Kuntz
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Fixed dependencies between mip6 dictionnary and rfc5777 dictionnary

parent a3c04cf8
......@@ -1091,4 +1091,4 @@ int dict_mip6a_init(char * conffile)
TRACE_DEBUG(INFO, "Dictionary Extension 'Diameter Mobile IPv6 Auth (MIP6A)' initialized");
return 0;
EXTENSION_ENTRY("dict_mip6a", dict_mip6a_init, "dict_rfc5777");
......@@ -1134,4 +1134,4 @@ int dict_mip6i_init(char * conffile)
TRACE_DEBUG(INFO, "Dictionary Extension 'Diameter Mobile IPv6 IKE (MIP6I)' initialized");
return 0;
EXTENSION_ENTRY("dict_mip6i", dict_mip6i_init, "dict_rfc5777");
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