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Added a basic Gx implementation in contrib (untested) -- reported working but...

Added a basic Gx implementation in contrib (untested) -- reported working but may need some adaptation
parent bc6d4b12
......@@ -55,5 +55,7 @@ to top-level README file.
- dict_gx: untested implementation of the Gx interface.
- test_Gx: a responder on the Gx interface that always send SUCCESS status.
- wireshark: This contains some information on how to use Wireshark to monitor Diameter
exchange protected with TLS. It involves patching the wireshark software.
# The dict_nasreq extension
PROJECT("Gx Interface for freediameter" C)
# Compile as a module
FD_ADD_EXTENSION(app_gx main_gx.c)
## INSTALL section ##
COMPONENT freeDiameter-rx-interface)
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This content was contributed by Krishnan Srinivasan from Allot Communication.
The dictionary entries may need some adjustments to
match the content of the dict_dcca_3gpp extension.
Thank you Krishnan!
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