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Added instructions for many *BSD systems, thanks to Thomas Klausner for the inputs

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This package uses CMake ( as building system. You'll need the cmake tool in order
to generate the Makefiles for your platform. You can also select which extensions must be built
with cmake. After the initial cmake configuration, you will need several tools such as make, a
C compiler (tested mostly with gcc), flex, bison, ...
C compiler (tested mostly with gcc), flex (> 2.5.4), bison, ...
You may retrieve the source package in several ways:
- as a pre-packaged version for your platform. Check the website for supported platforms.
The simplest way to install on NetBSD, DragonFly, MirBSD or other
pkgsrc platforms is:
pkg_add freeDiameter
If no binary package exists:
cd /usr/pkgsrc/net/freeDiameter
make install
If you want to build and install freeDiameter from the repository,
you'll need to install:
pkg_add bison pkg-config libidn gnutls libgcrypt mercurial
and follow the usual installation note.
NetBSD does not support SCTP, so you have to add
to the cmake command line.
For the optional extensions, you need mysql*-client, postgres*-client,
libxml2. For the debugging extensions, you also need swig and a
python -- install as usual.
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