Commit 91be052f authored by Sebastien Decugis's avatar Sebastien Decugis
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Fix erroneous path

parent 5dff0cfb
......@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ define Package/freeDiameter/install
$(PKG_INSTALL_DIR)/usr/lib/* \
# Remove the app_test from the main package (see freeDiameter-test)
$(RM) $(1)/usr/lib/app_test*
$(RM) $(1)/usr/lib/freeDiameter/app_test*
# configuration files
$(INSTALL_DIR) $(1)/etc/freeDiameter
......@@ -140,10 +140,9 @@ define Package/freeDiameter/install
define Package/freeDiameter-test/install
# libraries & extensions
$(INSTALL_DIR) $(1)/usr/lib/
$(CP) $(PKG_INSTALL_DIR)/usr/lib/app_test* \
# Only the test_app extension
$(CP) $(PKG_INSTALL_DIR)/usr/lib/freeDiameter/app_test* \
define Package/freeDiameter/postinst
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