Commit ab074fe3 authored by Sebastien Decugis's avatar Sebastien Decugis
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Remove misleading comment

parent 3797f7ed
......@@ -108,15 +108,14 @@ void fd_libproto_fini(void);
* The format and arguments may contain UTF-8 encoded data. The
* output medium (file or console) is expected to support this encoding.
* This function assumes that a global mutex called "fd_log_lock" exists
* in the address space of the current process.
* None.
void fd_log_debug_fstr ( FILE * fstr, const char * format, ... );
#define fd_log_debug(format,args...) fd_log_debug_fstr(NULL, format, ## args)
/* these are internal objects of the debug facility,
might be useful to control the behavior from outside */
extern pthread_mutex_t fd_log_lock;
extern char * fd_debug_one_function;
extern char * fd_debug_one_file;
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