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Added some limited example for dbg_interactive

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# Example file for the dbg_interactive.fdx extension.
# This extension provides an interactive python interpreter console that allows
# interacting with freeDiameter framework.
# The adaptation layer between Python and C is provided by SWIG (
# You may refer to SWIG documentation for more information on how the wrapper is generated and used.
# Please note that the high-level wrapper file (python file) is not used in dbg_interactive at the moment,
# but all symbols from the module are imported.
# Similar to all freeDiameter extensions, an optional filename can be specified in the
# main freeDiameter.conf configuration file for the dbg_interactive.fdx extension.
# If such file is provided, it will be passed to the python interpreter as a python script
# to execute. Otherwise, the interpreter will be interactive.
# Bellow are some example use of the python interpreter:
# Display current version
# Turn on debug for a specific function
cvar.fd_debug_one_function = "gc_th_fct"
# Use freeDiameter's debug facility
fd_log_debug("3 + 4 = %d\n", 7)
# Hum... Currently I get "3 + 4 = 0" output... need some fix...
# Change the global debug level of the framework
cvar.fd_g_debug_lvl = FULL
# Display the local Diameter Identity:
print "Local Diameter Identity:", fd_config_cnf_diamid_get(cvar.fd_g_config)
print "Realm:", fd_config_cnf_diamrlm_get(cvar.fd_g_config)
# Display some states information
evl = fd_config_cnf_main_ev_get(cvar.fd_g_config)
r = fd_event_send(evl, FDEV_DUMP_PEERS, 0, None)
r = fd_event_send(evl, FDEV_DUMP_SERV, 0, None)
r = fd_event_send(evl, FDEV_DUMP_EXT, 0, None)
# Create a new peer_info structure and add the peer to the framework.
mypeer = new_peer_info()
peer_info_pi_diamid_set( mypeer, "" )
myconfig = peer_info_config_get(mypeer)
mypicflag = peer_info_config_pic_flags_get(myconfig)
peer_info_config_pic_flags_pro4_set(mypicflag, 1) # 1 for TCP
fd_peer_add(mypeer, "python", None, None)
# Lists
mylist = new_fd_list()
fd_list_init(mylist, None)
l2 = new_fd_list()
fd_list_init(l2, None)
fd_list_insert_after(mylist, l2)
# Dictionary
gdict = fd_config_cnf_dict_get(cvar.fd_g_config)
@@@ fd_dict_search ( gdict, DICT_APPLICATION, APPLICATION_BY_ID, id, res, -1 )
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