Commit e51eb2dd authored by Sebastien Decugis's avatar Sebastien Decugis
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Delay the destruction of the queues in sctps wrapper

parent 6b621904
......@@ -118,11 +118,6 @@ error:
CHECK_FCT_DO( fd_event_send( Target_Queue(conn), FDEVP_CNX_ERROR, 0, NULL), /* continue or destroy everything? */);
/* Since the demux thread terminates, we must trig an error for all decipher threads. We do this by destroying all demuxed FIFO queues */
for (strid = 0; strid < conn->cc_sctp_para.pairs; strid++) {
fd_event_destroy( &conn->cc_sctps_data.array[strid].raw_recv, free );
goto out;
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