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  [NET]: Fix and allocate less memory for ->priv'less netdevices
  [IPV6]: Fix dangling references on error in fib6_add().
  [NETLABEL]: Fix NULL deref in netlbl_unlabel_staticlist_gen() if ifindex not found
  [PKT_SCHED]: Fix datalen check in tcf_simp_init().
  [INET]: Uninline the __inet_inherit_port call.
  [INET]: Drop the inet_inherit_port() call.
  SCTP: Initialize partial_bytes_acked to 0, when all of the data is acked.
  [netdrvr] forcedeth: internal simplifications; changelog removal
  phylib: factor out get_phy_id from within get_phy_device
  PHY: add BCM5464 support to broadcom PHY driver
  cxgb3: Fix __must_check warning with dev_dbg.
  tc35815: Statistics cleanup
  natsemi: fix MMIO for PPC 44x platforms
  [TIPC]: Cleanup of TIPC reference table code
  [TIPC]: Optimized initialization of TIPC reference table
  [TIPC]: Remove inlining of reference table locking routines
  e1000: convert uint16_t style integers to u16
  ixgb: convert uint16_t style integers to u16
  sb1000.c: make const arrays static
  sb1000.c: stop inlining largish static functions
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# The build process is as follows (targets):
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2//EN"
"" []>
<book id="mac80211-developers-guide">
<title>The mac80211 subsystem for kernel developers</title>
<holder>Johannes Berg</holder>
This documentation is free software; you can redistribute
it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public
License version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.
This documentation is distributed in the hope that it will be
useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied
See the GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public
License along with this documentation; if not, write to the Free
Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston,
MA 02111-1307 USA
For more details see the file COPYING in the source
distribution of Linux.
!Pinclude/net/mac80211.h Introduction
!Pinclude/net/mac80211.h Warning
Generally, this document shall be ordered by increasing complexity.
It is important to note that readers should be able to read only
the first few sections to get a working driver and only advanced
usage should require reading the full document.
<title>The basic mac80211 driver interface</title>
You should read and understand the information contained
within this part of the book while implementing a driver.
In some chapters, advanced usage is noted, that may be
skipped at first.
This part of the book only covers station and monitor mode
functionality, additional information required to implement
the other modes is covered in the second part of the book.
<chapter id="basics">
<title>Basic hardware handling</title>
This chapter shall contain information on getting a hw
struct allocated and registered with mac80211.
Since it is required to allocate rates/modes before registering
a hw struct, this chapter shall also contain information on setting
up the rate/mode structs.
Additionally, some discussion about the callbacks and
the general programming model should be in here, including
the definition of ieee80211_ops which will be referred to
a lot.
Finally, a discussion of hardware capabilities should be done
with references to other parts of the book.
<!-- intentionally multiple !F lines to get proper order -->
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_hw
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_hw_flags
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h SET_IEEE80211_DEV
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h SET_IEEE80211_PERM_ADDR
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_ops
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_alloc_hw
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_register_hw
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_get_tx_led_name
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_get_rx_led_name
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_get_assoc_led_name
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_get_radio_led_name
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_unregister_hw
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_free_hw
<chapter id="phy-handling">
<title>PHY configuration</title>
This chapter should describe PHY handling including
start/stop callbacks and the various structures used.
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_conf
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_conf_flags
<chapter id="iface-handling">
<title>Virtual interfaces</title>
This chapter should describe virtual interface basics
that are relevant to the driver (VLANs, MGMT etc are not.)
It should explain the use of the add_iface/remove_iface
callbacks as well as the interface configuration callbacks.
<para>Things related to AP mode should be discussed there.</para>
Things related to supporting multiple interfaces should be
in the appropriate chapter, a BIG FAT note should be here about
this though and the recommendation to allow only a single
interface in STA mode at first!
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_if_types
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_if_init_conf
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_if_conf
<chapter id="rx-tx">
<title>Receive and transmit processing</title>
<title>what should be here</title>
This should describe the receive and transmit
paths in mac80211/the drivers as well as
transmit status handling.
<title>Frame format</title>
!Pinclude/net/mac80211.h Frame format
<title>Alignment issues</title>
<title>Calling into mac80211 from interrupts</title>
!Pinclude/net/mac80211.h Calling mac80211 from interrupts
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_rx_status
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h mac80211_rx_flags
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_tx_control
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_tx_status_flags
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_rx
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_rx_irqsafe
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_tx_status
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_tx_status_irqsafe
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_rts_get
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_rts_duration
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_ctstoself_get
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_ctstoself_duration
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_generic_frame_duration
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_get_hdrlen_from_skb
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_get_hdrlen
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_wake_queue
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_stop_queue
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_start_queues
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_stop_queues
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_wake_queues
<chapter id="filters">
<title>Frame filtering</title>
!Pinclude/net/mac80211.h Frame filtering
!Finclude/net/mac80211.h ieee80211_filter_flags
<part id="advanced">
<title>Advanced driver interface</title>
Information contained within this part of the book is
of interest only for advanced interaction of mac80211
with drivers to exploit more hardware capabilities and
improve performance.
<chapter id="hardware-crypto-offload">
<title>Hardware crypto acceleration</title>