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    Merge branches 'doctorture.2013.01.29a', 'fixes.2013.01.26a',... · 40393f52
    Paul E. McKenney authored
    Merge branches 'doctorture.2013.01.29a', 'fixes.2013.01.26a', 'tagcb.2013.01.24a' and 'tiny.2013.01.29b' into HEAD
    doctorture.2013.01.11a: Changes to rcutorture and to RCU documentation.
    fixes.2013.01.26a: Miscellaneous fixes.
    tagcb.2013.01.24a: Tag RCU callbacks with grace-period number to
    	simplify callback advancement.
    tiny.2013.01.29b: Enhancements to uniprocessor handling in tiny RCU.
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