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    uwb: add basic radio manager · 6fae35f9
    David Vrabel authored
    The UWB radio manager coordinates the use of the radio between the
    PALs that may be using it.  PALs request use of the radio with
    uwb_radio_start() and the radio manager will start beaconing if its
    not already doing so.  When the last PAL has called uwb_radio_stop()
    beaconing will be stopped.
    In the future, the radio manager will have a more sophisticated channel
    selection algorithm, probably following the Channel Selection Policy
    from the WiMedia Alliance when it is finalized.  For now, channel 9
    (BG1, TFC1) is selected.
    The user may override the channel selected by the radio manager and may
    force the radio to stop beaconing.
    The WUSB Host Controller PAL makes use of this and there are two new
    debug PAL commands that can be used for testing.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Vrabel <david.vrabel@csr.com>
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