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    libata: add deadline support to prereset and reset methods · d4b2bab4
    Tejun Heo authored
    Add @deadline to prereset and reset methods and make them honor it.
    ata_wait_ready() which directly takes @deadline is implemented to be
    used as the wait function.  This patch is in preparation for EH timing
    * ata_wait_ready() never does busy sleep.  It's only used from EH and
      no wait in EH is that urgent.  This function also prints 'be
      patient' message automatically after 5 secs of waiting if more than
      3 secs is remaining till deadline.
    * ata_bus_post_reset() now fails with error code if any of its wait
      fails.  This is important because earlier reset tries will have
      shorter timeout than the spec requires.  If a device fails to
      respond before the short timeout, reset should be retried with
      longer timeout rather than silently ignoring the device.
      There are three behavior differences.
      1. Timeout is applied to both devices at once, not separately.  This
         is more consistent with what the spec says.
      2. When a device passes devchk but fails to become ready before
         deadline.  Previouly, post_reset would just succeed and let
         device classification remove the device.  New code fails the
         reset thus causing reset retry.  After a few times, EH will give
         up disabling the port.
      3. When slave device passes devchk but fails to become accessible
         (TF-wise) after reset.  Original code disables dev1 after 30s
         timeout and continues as if the device doesn't exist, while the
         patched code fails reset.  When this happens, new code fails
         reset on whole port rather than proceeding with only the primary
      If the failing device is suffering transient problems, new code
      retries reset which is a better behavior.  If the failing device is
      actually broken, the net effect is identical to it, but not to the
      other device sharing the channel.  In the previous code, reset would
      have succeeded after 30s thus detecting the working one.  In the new
      code, reset fails and whole port gets disabled.  IMO, it's a
      pathological case anyway (broken device sharing bus with working
      one) and doesn't really matter.
    * ata_bus_softreset() is changed to return error code from
      ata_bus_post_reset().  It used to return 0 unconditionally.
    * Spin up waiting is to be removed and not converted to honor
    * To be on the safe side, deadline is set to 40s for the time being.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarTejun Heo <htejun@gmail.com>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJeff Garzik <jeff@garzik.org>
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