Commit 8602b4fe authored by Marcel Holtmann's avatar Marcel Holtmann Committed by David S. Miller

[Bluetooth] Add missing entry for Nokia DTL-4 PCMCIA card

The device id for the Nokia DTL-4 PCMCIA card was missing. This patch
adds it back to the list of supported devices.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMarcel Holtmann <>
parent 0eab934f
......@@ -711,6 +711,7 @@ static void dtl1_release(struct pcmcia_device *link)
static struct pcmcia_device_id dtl1_ids[] = {
PCMCIA_DEVICE_PROD_ID12("Nokia Mobile Phones", "DTL-1", 0xe1bfdd64, 0xe168480d),
PCMCIA_DEVICE_PROD_ID12("Nokia Mobile Phones", "DTL-4", 0xe1bfdd64, 0x9102bc82),
PCMCIA_DEVICE_PROD_ID12("Socket", "CF", 0xb38bcc2e, 0x44ebf863),
PCMCIA_DEVICE_PROD_ID12("Socket", "CF+ Personal Network Card", 0xb38bcc2e, 0xe732bae3),
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