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    Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-next · 73287a43
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    Pull networking updates from David Miller:
     "Highlights (1721 non-merge commits, this has to be a record of some
       1) Add 'random' mode to team driver, from Jiri Pirko and Eric
       2) Make it so that any driver that supports configuration of multiple
          MAC addresses can provide the forwarding database add and del
          calls by providing a default implementation and hooking that up if
          the driver doesn't have an explicit set of handlers.  From Vlad
       3) Support GSO segmentation over tunnels and other encapsulating
          devices such as VXLAN, from Pravin B Shelar.
       4) Support L2 GRE tunnels in the flow dissector, from Michael Dalton.
       5) Implement Tail Loss Probe (TLP) detection in TCP, from Nandita
       6) In the PHY layer, allow supporting wake-on-lan in situations where
          the PHY registers have to be written for it to be configured.
          Use it to support wake-on-lan in mv643xx_eth.
          From Michael Stapelberg.
       7) Significantly improve firewire IPV6 support, from YOSHIFUJI
       8) Allow multiple packets to be sent in a single transmission using
          network coding in batman-adv, from Martin Hundebøll.
       9) Add support for T5 cxgb4 chips, from Santosh Rastapur.
      10) Generalize the VXLAN forwarding tables so that there is more
          flexibility in configurating various aspects of the endpoints.
          From David Stevens.
      11) Support RSS and TSO in hardware over GRE tunnels in bxn2x driver,
          from Dmitry Kravkov.
      12) Zero copy support in nfnelink_queue, from Eric Dumazet and Pablo
          Neira Ayuso.
      13) Start adding networking selftests.
      14) In situations of overload on the same AF_PACKET fanout socket, or
          per-cpu packet receive queue, minimize drop by distributing the
          load to other cpus/fanouts.  From Willem de Bruijn and Eric
      15) Add support for new payload offset BPF instruction, from Daniel
      16) Convert several drivers over to mdoule_platform_driver(), from
          Sachin Kamat.
      17) Provide a minimal BPF JIT image disassembler userspace tool, from
          Daniel Borkmann.
      18) Rewrite F-RTO implementation in TCP to match the final
          specification of it in RFC4138 and RFC5682.  From Yuchung Cheng.
      19) Provide netlink socket diag of netlink sockets ("Yo dawg, I hear
          you like netlink, so I implemented netlink dumping of netlink
          sockets.") From Andrey Vagin.
      20) Remove ugly passing of rtnetlink attributes into rtnl_doit
          functions, from Thomas Graf.
      21) Allow userspace to be able to see if a configuration change occurs
          in the middle of an address or device list dump, from Nicolas
      22) Support RFC3168 ECN protection for ipv6 fragments, from Hannes
          Frederic Sowa.
      23) Increase accuracy of packet length used by packet scheduler, from
          Jason Wang.
      24) Beginning set of changes to make ipv4/ipv6 fragment handling more
          scalable and less susceptible to overload and locking contention,
          from Jesper Dangaard Brouer.
      25) Get rid of using non-type-safe NLMSG_* macros and use nlmsg_*()
          instead.  From Hong Zhiguo.
      26) Optimize route usage in IPVS by avoiding reference counting where
          possible, from Julian Anastasov.
      27) Convert IPVS schedulers to RCU, also from Julian Anastasov.
      28) Support cpu fanouts in xt_NFQUEUE netfilter target, from Holger
      29) Network namespace support for nf_log, ebt_log, xt_LOG, ipt_ULOG,
          nfnetlink_log, and nfnetlink_queue.  From Gao feng.
      30) Implement RFC3168 ECN protection, from Hannes Frederic Sowa.
      31) Support several new r8169 chips, from Hayes Wang.
      32) Support tokenized interface identifiers in ipv6, from Daniel
      33) Use usbnet_link_change() helper in USB net driver, from Ming Lei.
      34) Add 802.1ad vlan offload support, from Patrick McHardy.
      35) Support mmap() based netlink communication, also from Patrick
      36) Support HW timestamping in mlx4 driver, from Amir Vadai.
      37) Rationalize AF_PACKET packet timestamping when transmitting, from
          Willem de Bruijn and Daniel Borkmann.
      38) Bring parity to what's provided by /proc/net/packet socket dumping
          and the info provided by netlink socket dumping of AF_PACKET
          sockets.  From Nicolas Dichtel.
      39) Fix peeking beyond zero sized SKBs in AF_UNIX, from Benjamin
    * git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-next: (1722 commits)
      filter: fix va_list build error
      af_unix: fix a fatal race with bit fields
      bnx2x: Prevent memory leak when cnic is absent
      bnx2x: correct reading of speed capabilities
      net: sctp: attribute printl with __printf for gcc fmt checks
      netlink: kconfig: move mmap i/o into netlink kconfig
      netpoll: convert mutex into a semaphore
      netlink: Fix skb ref counting.
      net_sched: act_ipt forward compat with xtables
      mlx4_en: fix a build error on 32bit arches
      Revert "bnx2x: allow nvram test to run when device is down"
      bridge: avoid OOPS if root port not found
      drivers: net: cpsw: fix kernel warn on cpsw irq enable
      sh_eth: use random MAC address if no valid one supplied
      3c509.c: call SET_NETDEV_DEV for all device types (ISA/ISAPnP/EISA)
      tg3: fix to append hardware time stamping flags
      unix/stream: fix peeking with an offset larger than data in queue
      unix/dgram: fix peeking with an offset larger than data in queue
      unix/dgram: peek beyond 0-sized skbs
      openvswitch: Remove unneeded ovs_netdev_get_ifindex()
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