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    hotfix: fix a problem with multiple UEs · 075a713d
    Cedric Roux authored
    The symptom: when two UEs do uplink traffic at the same time, the
    eNB fails to decode data sometimes. This has been seen with FDD
    and 50 RBs. This generates a cascade of other problems leading to
    disconnection/reconnection events seen in the log.
    The problem: there are probably many, but one obvious bug was found
    while analyzing some logs. Scheduling in the same TTI one UE's uplink
    traffic and random access (msg3) was done in the same RB.
    This commit fixes this simple case. It is probably not the end of
    the story.
    This is a hotfix, that does not change the code much.
    We need to use vrb_map_UL properly all over the places. Today is
    not used, but this is the way to go (most probably).
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