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    bugfix: fix issue 285 - connect/disconnect multiple time · 4b5b5564
    Cedric Roux authored
    As reported by Emad Alizade:
        According to "Issue255 256 257 paging reesta release" that has been
        merged in develop version, we have a question: In rrc_eNB_free_UE()
        function only all ulsch related memory of user has been cleaned, but
        I think not only ulsch memory but also dlsch memory must be cleaned.
        I tested the latest develop version and with repetition UE attach-detach
        procedures we find that the dlsch memory has not been cleaned and after
        repeat this sequence (45 times) assertion with cause UE_id!=-1 (no free
        or exiting dlsch_context, dci_tools.c: fill_dci_and_dlsch() ) occurred
        and no UE will be attached to system.
    The fixes in this commit are from Emad Alizade.