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    fixup previous bad merge (UE disconnection did not work properly anymore) · 91332d39
    Cedric Roux authored
    Doing airplane mode off to connect a cots UE followed by airplane mode on
    to disconnect it gives very bad results (bad disconnection with lots of
    UL failures followed by lots of logs in the eNB). It used to work properly
    after the work done by Xu Bo.
    It turns out that in 2018.w04 things were still working okay. But
    in 2018.w05 no.
    So I ran:
        git diff 2018.w04 2018.w05
    And I checked all the modifications that I thought were relevant
    (everything related to the UE, oaisim, if4 and fapi has not been checked).
    This commits takes back the version of 2018.w04.
    The modifications in openair2/RRC/LITE/rrc_eNB.c are necessary, I think.
    The other modifications may not be necessary or even wrong. To be checked
    at some point.
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