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    improve multi-UEs scenario · 622b919b
    Cedric Roux authored
    This commits contains several fixes to improve a multi-UE scenario.
    This is not the end of the story.
    Summary of work:
    1 - improve SR (scheduling requests):
        We configured n1pucch == 3 for scheduling requests, for all
        UEs. We now use 71 - UE_id/10.
        For it to work, it is vital that pucch_nRB_CQI in the configuration
        file is set to 0, otherwise the SR will go to an RB used for
        PUSCH and uplink decoding will fail whenever an UE does SR.
        Note that we will have problems with 20MHz when we use a CCE that
        let the UE send the ACK/NACK using a n1pucch allocated for SR,
        because when the PDCCH is of size 3, we can have 87 CCEs
        and it may lead to an n1pucch colliding with one for SR.
        The work done in this patch is a quick solution, seems to work
        with 10MHz.
        The real solution is to disable the use of those CCEs that would
        lead an UE to use a n1pucch colliding with an SR n1pucch. Then
        we can use whatever n1pucch w...
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