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    CI: integration of the "test with equipment" script · 6b383347
    Raphael Defosseux authored
      -- temporary into a separate jenkins job
      -- parameters are not in the pipeline script file
         they have to be set up manually in the Jenkins GUI configuration page
         they are then check if present in pipeline script
      -- call to python script
         -- build on a server with RF HW capabilities
            for the moment USRP B2x0
            also handles merge request process for gitlab
         -- since it is for CI, it is a clean build
         -- connect to an EPC (OAI or LTEBOX)
         -- terminates eNB / EPC
      -- log collection
    Signed-off-by: Raphael Defosseux's avatarRaphael Defosseux <raphael.defosseux@eurecom.fr>