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    hotfix: protobuf-c compilation failure · 17b9a9e9
    Cédric Roux authored
    protobuf-c does not compile anymore.
    Let's handle this a bit better.
    We now install protobuf and protobuf-c only for the
    flexran agent. That is, if you want to use the flexran
    agent, you need to install protobuf/protobuf-c and
    you do it this way:
      ./build_oai -I -a
    (you add -a)
    Other targets don't need protobuf nor protobuf-c, so
    it's not installed by the -I command of build_oai,
    unless you pass -a with -I.
    Also, we now use protobuf 3.3.0, not 2.6.1. The code
    has been adapted, a quick test seems to indicate that
    the system works, but it has not been intensively tested.