Commit 024af3e7 authored by Elena Lukashova's avatar Elena Lukashova
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Merge branch 'feature-59-tm4' of...

Merge branch 'feature-59-tm4' of into feature-59-tm4
parents 883310d8 358e6926
......@@ -2107,6 +2107,10 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
UE->dlsch[0][i]->rnti = n_rnti;
UE->dlsch_SI[0] = new_ue_dlsch(1,1,Nsoft,MAX_TURBO_ITERATIONS,N_RB_DL,0);
UE->dlsch_ra[0] = new_ue_dlsch(1,1,Nsoft,MAX_TURBO_ITERATIONS,N_RB_DL,0);
// structure for SIC at UE
UE->dlsch_eNB[0] = new_eNB_dlsch(Kmimo,8,Nsoft,N_RB_DL,0,&eNB->frame_parms);
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