Commit 048f07f6 authored by Cédric Roux's avatar Cédric Roux
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compilation warning removal

parent 3ce5f507
......@@ -56,7 +56,9 @@ void send_IF5(PHY_VARS_eNB *eNB, openair0_timestamp proc_timestamp, int subframe
LTE_DL_FRAME_PARMS *fp=&eNB->frame_parms;
int32_t *txp[fp->nb_antennas_tx], *rxp[fp->nb_antennas_rx];
int32_t *tx_buffer=NULL;
int8_t dummy_buffer[fp->samples_per_tti*2];
void *alaw_buffer = eNB->ifbuffer.tx[subframe&1];
uint16_t *data_block = NULL;
uint16_t *j = NULL;
......@@ -262,8 +264,10 @@ void recv_IF5(PHY_VARS_eNB *eNB, openair0_timestamp *proc_timestamp, int subfram
int32_t *txp[fp->nb_antennas_tx], *rxp[fp->nb_antennas_rx];
uint16_t packet_id=0, i=0, element_id=0;
int8_t dummy_buffer_rx[fp->samples_per_tti*2];
//int8_t dummy_buffer_rx[fp->samples_per_tti*2];
uint8_t rxe;
int32_t spp_eth = (int32_t) eNB->ifdevice.openair0_cfg->samples_per_packet;
int32_t spsf = (int32_t) eNB->ifdevice.openair0_cfg->samples_per_frame/10;
......@@ -390,14 +394,16 @@ void recv_IF5(PHY_VARS_eNB *eNB, openair0_timestamp *proc_timestamp, int subfram
uint16_t db_fulllength = PAYLOAD_MOBIPASS_NUM_SAMPLES;
openair0_timestamp timestamp_mobipass[fp->samples_per_tti/db_fulllength];
int lower_offset = 0;
int upper_offset = 70000;
int subframe_skip = 0;
int reset_flag = 0;
int32_t *rx_buffer=NULL;
__m128i *data_block=NULL, *data_block_head=NULL;
__m128i *rxp128;
__m128i r0, r1;
__m128i r0;
//rx_buffer = memalign(16, MAC_HEADER_SIZE_BYTES + sizeof_IF5_mobipass_header_t + db_fulllength*sizeof(int16_t));
rx_buffer = malloc(MAC_HEADER_SIZE_BYTES + sizeof_IF5_mobipass_header_t + db_fulllength*sizeof(int16_t));
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