Commit 064c8880 authored by Aikaterini Trilyraki's avatar Aikaterini Trilyraki
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incorporate Navid's fronthaul conf params

parent a3c40dc3
......@@ -2406,6 +2406,21 @@ static void get_options (int argc, char **argv)
"lte-softmodem compiled with MAX_NUM_CCs=%d, but only %d CCs configured for eNB %d!",
MAX_NUM_CCs, enb_properties->properties[i]->nb_cc, i);
for (j=0; j<enb_properties->properties[i]->nb_rrh_gw; j++) {
if (enb_properties->properties[i]->rrh_gw_config[j].active == 1 ){
// replace printf by setting
printf( "\n\tRRH GW %d config for eNB %u:\n\n", j, i);
printf( "\tinterface name : \t%s:\n",enb_properties->properties[i]->rrh_gw_if_name);
printf( "\tlocal address : \t%s:\n",enb_properties->properties[i]->rrh_gw_config[j].local_address);
printf( "\tlocal port : \t%d:\n",enb_properties->properties[i]->rrh_gw_config[j].local_port);
printf( "\tremote address : \t%s:\n",enb_properties->properties[i]->rrh_gw_config[j].remote_address);
printf( "\tremote port : \t%d:\n",enb_properties->properties[i]->rrh_gw_config[j].remote_port);
printf( "\ttransport : \t%s Ethernet:\n\n",(enb_properties->properties[i]->rrh_gw_config[j].raw == 1)? "RAW" : "UDP");
for (CC_id=0; CC_id<MAX_NUM_CCs; CC_id++) {
frame_parms[CC_id]->frame_type = enb_properties->properties[i]->frame_type[CC_id];
frame_parms[CC_id]->tdd_config = enb_properties->properties[i]->tdd_config[CC_id];
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