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basic simulator is now functional

The power estimation of the UE has to be debugged (calibrated?).
In the meantime, using "--ue-rxgain 140" lets the UE and eNB
talk to each other in the basic simulator.
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......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ The eNB needs an EPC.
To run the UE, open a terminal and run:
cd [openair top directory]
cd cmake_targets/basic_simulator/ue
sudo ./lte-uesoftmodem -C 2680000000 -r 25
sudo ./lte-uesoftmodem -C 2680000000 -r 25 --ue-rxgain 140
Adapt the value of -r, it has to match the value N_RB_DL in the configuration
file of the eNB. (Same for -C which should match the value downlink_frequency
in the configuration file.)
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