Commit 0bb6a19f authored by Robert Schmidt's avatar Robert Schmidt
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only initialize RC.mac once

parent da35afb0
......@@ -292,7 +292,7 @@ void RCconfig_L1(void) {
LOG_I(PHY,"%s() NFAPI PNF mode - RC.nb_CC[0]=%d for init_eNB_afterRU()\n", __FUNCTION__, RC.nb_CC[0]);
LOG_I(PHY,"%s() NFAPI PNF mode - RC.nb_macrlc_inst:%d because used by mac_top_init_eNB()\n", __FUNCTION__, RC.nb_macrlc_inst);
configure_nfapi_pnf(RC.eNB[j][0]->eth_params_n.remote_addr, RC.eNB[j][0]->eth_params_n.remote_portc, RC.eNB[j][0]->eth_params_n.my_addr, RC.eNB[j][0]->eth_params_n.my_portd, RC.eNB[j][0]->eth_params_n .remote_portd);
......@@ -733,7 +733,7 @@ rrc_mac_config_req_eNB(module_id_t Mod_idP,
if (RC.mac == NULL)
RC.mac[Mod_idP]->common_channels[CC_idP].mib = mib;
RC.mac[Mod_idP]->common_channels[CC_idP].physCellId = physCellId;
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