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STATUS 2020/07/30 : under continuous improvement ; updated the configuration files links with CI approved reference files
STATUS 2020/09/10 : updated the status of interop (end to end UL/DL traffic)
## Table of Contents ##
......@@ -377,13 +377,11 @@ The following parts have been validated with FR1 COTS UE:
PDCCH DCI format 1_1 and correponding PDSCH are decoded correctlyby the phone
ACK/NACK (PUCCH format 0) are successfully received at gNB
- On going:
validation of HARQ procedures
Integration with higher layers to replace dummy data with real traffic
- **End-to end UL / DL traffic with HARQ procedures validated (ping, iperf)**
- Known limitations as of May 2020:
only dummy DL traffic
no UL traffic
no end-to-end traffic possible
- Known limitations as of September 2020:
DL traffic : 3Mbps
UL traffic : 1Mbps
some packet losses might still occur even in ideal channel conditions
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