Commit 12ab91c9 authored by Florian Kaltenberger's avatar Florian Kaltenberger
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enabling the T tracer for nr-uesoftmodem as this is required now for logs

parent e8f452da
......@@ -121,7 +121,6 @@ uint32_t downlink_frequency[MAX_NUM_CCs][4];
int32_t uplink_frequency_offset[MAX_NUM_CCs][4];
static char *conf_config_file_name = NULL;
#if defined(ENABLE_ITTI)
static char *itti_dump_file = NULL;
......@@ -169,7 +168,6 @@ int codingw = 0;
int fepw = 0;
int rx_input_level_dBm;
static int online_log_messages=0;
#ifdef XFORMS
extern int otg_enabled;
static char do_forms=0;
......@@ -329,60 +327,6 @@ void signal_handler(int sig) {
#define KBLU "\x1B[34m"
#define RESET "\033[0m"
void help (void) {
printf (KGRN "Usage:\n");
printf(" sudo -E lte-softmodem [options]\n");
printf(" sudo -E ./lte-softmodem -O ../../../targets/PROJECTS/GENERIC-LTE-EPC/CONF/enb.band7.tm1.exmimo2.openEPC.conf -S -V -m 26 -t 16 -x 1 --ulsch-max-errors 100 -W\n\n");
printf(" --rf-config-file Configuration file for front-end (e.g. LMS7002M)\n");
printf(" --ulsch-max-errors set the max ULSCH erros\n");
printf(" --calib-ue-rx set UE RX calibration\n");
printf(" --calib-ue-rx-med \n");
printf(" --calib-ue-rxbyp\n");
printf(" --debug-ue-prach run normal prach power ramping, but don't continue random-access\n");
printf(" --calib-prach-tx run normal prach with maximum power, but don't continue random-access\n");
printf(" --no-L2-connect bypass L2 and upper layers\n");
printf(" --ue-rxgain set UE RX gain\n");
printf(" --ue-rxgain-off external UE amplifier offset\n");
printf(" --ue-txgain set UE TX gain\n");
printf(" --ue-nb-ant-rx set UE number of rx antennas\n");
printf(" --ue-scan-carrier set UE to scan around carrier\n");
printf(" --dlsch-demod-shift dynamic shift for LLR compuation for TM3/4 (default 0)\n");
printf(" --loop-memory get softmodem (UE) to loop through memory instead of acquiring from HW\n");
printf(" --mmapped-dma sets flag for improved EXMIMO UE performance\n");
printf(" --external-clock tells hardware to use an external clock reference\n");
printf(" --usim-test use XOR autentication algo in case of test usim mode\n");
printf(" --single-thread-disable. Disables single-thread mode in lte-softmodem\n");
printf(" --AgregationLevel Choose the agregation level used by tghe eNB for the OAI use 1, it will save some time of processing the pdcch\n");
printf(" --DCIformat choose the DCI format, be careful when using this option(for the moment only valid for SISO DCI format 1)\n");
printf(" -A Set timing_advance\n");
printf(" -C Set the downlink frequency for all component carriers\n");
printf(" -d Enable soft scope and L1 and L2 stats (Xforms)\n");
printf(" -F Calibrate the EXMIMO borad, available files: exmimo2_2arxg.lime exmimo2_2brxg.lime \n");
printf(" -g Set the global log level, valide options: (9:trace, 8/7:debug, 6:info, 4:warn, 3:error)\n");
printf(" -G Set the global log verbosity \n");
printf(" -h provides this help message!\n");
printf(" -K Generate ITTI analyzser logs (similar to wireshark logs but with more details)\n");
printf(" -m Set the maximum downlink MCS\n");
printf(" -O eNB configuration file (located in targets/PROJECTS/GENERIC-LTE-EPC/CONF\n");
printf(" -q Enable processing timing measurement of lte softmodem on per subframe basis \n");
printf(" -r Set the PRB, valid values: 6, 25, 50, 100 \n");
printf(" -S Skip the missed slots/subframes \n");
printf(" -t Set the maximum uplink MCS\n");
printf(" -T Set hardware to TDD mode (default: FDD). Used only with -U (otherwise set in config file).\n");
printf(" -U Set the lte softmodem as a UE\n");
printf(" -W Enable L2 wireshark messages on localhost \n");
printf(" -V Enable VCD (generated file will be located atopenair_dump_eNB.vcd, read it with target/RT/USER/eNB.gtkw\n");
printf(" -x Set the transmission mode, valid options: 1 \n");
printf(" -E Apply three-quarter of sampling frequency, 23.04 Msps to reduce the data rate on USB/PCIe transfers (only valid for 20 MHz)\n");
#if 0 //T_TRACER
printf(" --T_port [port] use given port\n");
printf(" --T_nowait don't wait for tracer, start immediately\n");
printf(" --T_dont_fork to ease debugging with gdb\n");
void exit_fun(const char* s) {
int CC_id;
......@@ -393,10 +337,11 @@ void exit_fun(const char* s) {
oai_exit = 1;
for(CC_id=0; CC_id<MAX_NUM_CCs; CC_id++) {
if (PHY_vars_UE_g[0][CC_id]->rfdevice.trx_end_func)
if (PHY_vars_UE_g && PHY_vars_UE_g[0]) {
for(CC_id=0; CC_id<MAX_NUM_CCs; CC_id++) {
if (PHY_vars_UE_g[0][CC_id] && PHY_vars_UE_g[0][CC_id]->rfdevice.trx_end_func)
#if defined(ENABLE_ITTI)
......@@ -557,6 +502,7 @@ static void get_options (int argc, char **argv) {
paramdef_t cmdline_logparams[] = CMDLINE_LOGPARAMS_DESC ;
config_process_cmdline( cmdline_params,sizeof(cmdline_params)/sizeof(paramdef_t),NULL);
if (strlen(in_path) > 0) {
......@@ -581,11 +527,17 @@ static void get_options (int argc, char **argv) {
paramdef_t cmdline_uemodeparams[] =CMDLINE_UEMODEPARAMS_DESC;
paramdef_t cmdline_ueparams[] =CMDLINE_UEPARAMS_DESC;
paramdef_t cmdline_ttraceparams[] = CMDLINE_TTRACEPARAMS_DESC ;
config_process_cmdline( cmdline_ttraceparams,sizeof(cmdline_ttraceparams)/sizeof(paramdef_t),NULL);
paramdef_t cmdline_uemodeparams[] = CMDLINE_UEMODEPARAMS_DESC;
paramdef_t cmdline_ueparams[] = CMDLINE_UEPARAMS_DESC;
config_process_cmdline( cmdline_uemodeparams,sizeof(cmdline_uemodeparams)/sizeof(paramdef_t),NULL);
config_process_cmdline( cmdline_ueparams,sizeof(cmdline_ueparams)/sizeof(paramdef_t),NULL);
if (loopfile != NULL) {
printf("Input file for hardware emulation: %s",loopfile);
......@@ -612,15 +564,11 @@ static void get_options (int argc, char **argv) {
} /* UE with config file */
#if defined(OAI_USRP) || defined(CPRIGW) || defined(OAI_ADRV9371_ZC706)
int clock_src;
#if 0 //T_TRACER
int T_wait = 1; /* by default we wait for the tracer */
int T_nowait = 0; /* by default we wait for the tracer */
int T_port = 2021; /* default port to listen to to wait for the tracer */
int T_dont_fork = 0; /* default is to fork, see 'T_init' to understand */
......@@ -900,15 +848,26 @@ int main( int argc, char **argv ) {
// initialize logging
// get options and fill parameters from configuration file
get_options (argc, argv); //Command-line options, enb_properties
#if 0 //T_TRACER
T_init(T_port, T_wait, T_dont_fork);
// initialize the log (see log.h for details)
//set_glog(glog_level, glog_verbosity);
set_log(HW, OAILOG_DEBUG, 1);
set_log(PHY, OAILOG_INFO, 1);
set_log(MAC, OAILOG_INFO, 1);
set_log(RLC, OAILOG_INFO, 1);
set_log(PDCP, OAILOG_INFO, 1);
set_log(OTG, OAILOG_INFO, 1);
set_log(RRC, OAILOG_INFO, 1);
#if defined(ENABLE_ITTI)
set_log(SIM, OAILOG_INFO, 1);
# if defined(ENABLE_USE_MME)
set_log(NAS, OAILOG_INFO, 1);
# endif
//randominit (0);
set_taus_seed (0);
......@@ -932,6 +891,9 @@ int main( int argc, char **argv ) {
// get options and fill parameters from configuration file
get_options (argc, argv); //Command-line options, enb_properties
if (opt_type != OPT_NONE) {
radio_type_t radio_type;
......@@ -203,15 +203,6 @@ extern int T_port;
extern int T_nowait;
extern int T_dont_fork;
/* command line parameters for TTRACE utility */
/* optname helpstr paramflags XXXptr defXXXval type numelt */
{"T_port", CONFIG_HLP_TPORT, 0, iptr:&T_port, defintval:0, TYPE_INT, 0}, \
{"T_nowait", CONFIG_HLP_NOTWAIT, PARAMFLAG_BOOL, iptr:&T_nowait, defintval:0, TYPE_INT, 0}, \
{"T_dont_fork", CONFIG_HLP_TNOFORK, PARAMFLAG_BOOL, iptr:&T_dont_fork, defintval:1, TYPE_INT, 0}, \
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