Commit 1d765027 authored by Elena Lukashova's avatar Elena Lukashova

Extracting SISO llr computations in separate fucntions

qpsk_llr, qam16_llr, qam64_llqam64.
parent 0dfcff75
......@@ -106,6 +106,22 @@ void qpsk_qpsk(int16_t *stream0_in,
@param nb_rb number of RBs for this allocation
@param pbch_pss_sss_adj Number of channel bits taken by PBCH/PSS/SSS
@param llr128p pointer to pointer to symbol in dlsch_llr*/
void qpsk_llr(int16_t *stream0_in,
int16_t *stream0_out,
int length);
void qam16_llr(int16_t *stream0_in,
int16_t *chan_magn,
int16_t *llr,
int length);
void qam64_llr(int16_t *stream0_in,
int16_t *chan_magn,
int16_t *chan_magn_b,
int16_t *llr,
int length);
int32_t dlsch_qpsk_qpsk_llr(LTE_DL_FRAME_PARMS *frame_parms,
int32_t **rxdataF_comp,
int32_t **rxdataF_comp_i,
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