Commit 22da1eac authored by Wu Jing's avatar Wu Jing
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fix rm894 bug

parent 6e7db959
......@@ -231,6 +231,11 @@ rx_sdu(const module_id_t enb_mod_idP,
payload_ptr =
parse_ulsch_header(sduP, &num_ce, &num_sdu, rx_ces, rx_lcids,
rx_lengths, sdu_lenP);
if(payload_ptr == NULL){
LOG_E(MAC,"[eNB %d][PUSCH %d] CC_id %d ulsch header unknown lcid(rnti %x, UE_id %d)\n",
enb_mod_idP, harq_pid, CC_idP,current_rnti, UE_id);
T(T_ENB_MAC_UE_UL_PDU, T_INT(enb_mod_idP), T_INT(CC_idP),
T_INT(current_rnti), T_INT(frameP), T_INT(subframeP),
......@@ -944,7 +949,9 @@ unsigned char *parse_ulsch_header(unsigned char *mac_header,
} else {
LOG_E(MAC, "unknown CE %d \n", lcid);
AssertFatal(1 == 0, "unknown CE");
//AssertFatal(1 == 0, "unknown CE");
return NULL;
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