Commit 24f647dd authored by knopp's avatar knopp
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flagged an error condition in ulsch_decoding which causes a divide by zero, function now returns -1

git-svn-id: 818b1a75-f10b-46b9-bf7c-635c3b92a50f
parent d26c5894
......@@ -298,10 +298,14 @@ unsigned int ulsch_decoding(PHY_VARS_eNB *phy_vars_eNB,
ulsch_harq = ulsch->harq_processes[harq_pid];
if (harq_pid==255) {
LOG_E(PHY, "ulsch_decoding.c: FATAL ERROR: illegal harq_pid, returning\n");
LOG_E(PHY, "FATAL ERROR: illegal harq_pid, returning\n");
if (ulsch_harq->Nsymb_pusch == 0) {
LOG_E(PHY, "FATAL ERROR: harq_pid %d, Nsymb 0!\n",harq_pid);
if (llr8_flag == 0)
tc = phy_threegpplte_turbo_decoder16;
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