Commit 2fd4037f authored by Zhanyi Dong's avatar Zhanyi Dong

fixed the bug that index could not support muti antennas

parent 7cc5a63a
......@@ -438,7 +438,7 @@ static bool flushInput(rfsimulator_state_t *t, int timeout) {
AssertFatal(b->lastWroteTS == 0 || ( abs((double)b->lastWroteTS-b->lastReceivedTS) < (double)CirSize),
"Tx/Rx shift too large Tx:%lu, Rx:%lu\n", b->lastWroteTS, b->lastReceivedTS);
b->transferPtr=(char *)&b->circularBuf[b->lastReceivedTS%CirSize];
b->transferPtr=(char *)&b->circularBuf[(b->lastReceivedTS*b->th.nbAnt)%CirSize];
b->remainToTransfer=sampleToByte(b->th.size, b->th.nbAnt);
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