Commit 3d8586a5 authored by Robert Schmidt's avatar Robert Schmidt
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FlexRAN: Send Slice ID to which UE belongs in UE config reply

parent d93d73fe
......@@ -594,6 +594,10 @@ int flexran_agent_ue_config_reply(mid_t mod_id, const void *params, Protocol__Fl
ue_config[i]->has_rnti = 1;
ue_config[i]->imsi = flexran_get_ue_imsi(mod_id, i);
ue_config[i]->has_imsi = 1;
ue_config[i]->dl_slice_id = flexran_get_ue_dl_slice_id(mod_id, i);
ue_config[i]->has_dl_slice_id = 1;
ue_config[i]->ul_slice_id = flexran_get_ue_ul_slice_id(mod_id, i);
ue_config[i]->has_ul_slice_id = 1;
//TODO: Set the DRX configuration (optional)
//Not supported for now, so we do not set it
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