Commit 3e2adfbc authored by Xenofon Foukas's avatar Xenofon Foukas
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Fixed bug to allocate memory in the stack instead of dynamically for the timer search key

parent 11b2f829
......@@ -470,10 +470,11 @@ err_code_t enb_agent_destroy_timers(void){
struct enb_agent_timer_element_s * get_timer_entry(long timer_id) {
struct enb_agent_timer_element_s *search= calloc(1,sizeof(*search));
search->timer_id = timer_id;
struct enb_agent_timer_element_s search;
memset(&search, 0, sizeof(struct enb_agent_timer_element_s));
search.timer_id = timer_id;
return RB_FIND(enb_agent_map, &timer_instance.enb_agent_head, search);
return RB_FIND(enb_agent_map, &timer_instance.enb_agent_head, &search);
void enb_agent_sleep_until(struct timespec *ts, int delay) {
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