Commit 3ea62dbd authored by Haruki Naoi's avatar Haruki Naoi
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modify log.

parent d42ddeac
......@@ -269,7 +269,7 @@ rx_sdu(const module_id_t enb_mod_idP,
int old_rnti =
(((uint16_t) payload_ptr[0]) << 8) + payload_ptr[1];
int old_UE_id = find_UE_id(enb_mod_idP, old_rnti);
"[eNB %d] Frame %d, Subframe %d CC_id %d MAC CE_LCID %d (ce %d/%d): CRNTI %x (UE_id %d) in Msg3\n",
enb_mod_idP, frameP, subframeP, CC_idP, rx_ces[i], i,
num_ce, old_rnti, old_UE_id);
......@@ -301,7 +301,7 @@ rx_sdu(const module_id_t enb_mod_idP,
ENB_FLAG_YES, enb_mod_idP, 0);
// prepare transmission of Msg4(RRCConnectionReconfiguration)
ra->state = MSGCRNTI;
"[eNB %d] Frame %d, Subframe %d CC_id %d : (rnti %x UE_id %d) RRCConnectionReconfiguration(Msg4)",
enb_mod_idP, frameP, subframeP, CC_idP, old_rnti, old_UE_id);
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