Commit 3ec3a1af authored by INOUE Yoshio's avatar INOUE Yoshio

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parent e13c962d
......@@ -1023,11 +1023,12 @@ static void *UE_phy_stub_single_thread_rxn_txnp4(void *arg) {
proc->frame_rx = timer_frame;
// FDD and TDD tx timing settings.
// XXX:It is the result of timing adjustment in debug.
// It is necessary to investigate why this will work in the future.
proc->frame_tx = proc->frame_rx + (proc->subframe_rx>(9-sf_ahead)?1:0);
//oai_subframe_ind(proc->frame_rx, proc->subframe_rx);
if(UE->frame_parms.frame_type == FDD){
oai_subframe_ind(proc->frame_rx, proc->subframe_rx);
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