Commit 42e245c9 authored by Rohit Gupta's avatar Rohit Gupta
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resolve conflict after merging from develop

parents eb690c89 b9c9ff3b
......@@ -881,12 +881,11 @@ void calibrate_rf(openair0_device *device) {
// write_output("blade_rf_test.m","rxs",calib_buff,RXDCLENGTH,1,1);
/*! \brief Initialize Openair BLADERF target. It returns 0 if OK
* \param device the hardware to use
* \param openair0_cfg RF frontend parameters set by application
int openair0_dev_init_bladerf(openair0_device *device, openair0_config_t *openair0_cfg) {
int device_init(openair0_device *device, openair0_config_t *openair0_cfg) {
int status;
int card=0;
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