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......@@ -113,3 +113,9 @@ After completing the build, the binaries are available in the `cmake_targets/lte
| --rfsimulator | maintained | builds the rf simulator device. Now of little interest as this device build is enforced when building the eNodeB and it can be used at run time with the `--rfsim` option. |
| | | |
[oai wiki home](
[oai softmodem features](
[running the oai softmodem ](
......@@ -192,3 +192,10 @@ The NAS layer is based on **3GPP 24.301** and implements the following functions
- EMM attach/detach, authentication, tracking area update, and more
- ESM default/dedicated bearer, PDN connectivity, and more
[oai wiki home](
[oai softmodem build procedure](
[running the oai softmodem ](
......@@ -10,15 +10,35 @@ It is planned to enhance this simulator with the following functionalities:
- Support for multiple UE connections
- Support for multiple eNodeB for hand-over tests
- Spport for channel modeling
- Support for channel modeling
This is an easy use-case to setup and test, as no specific hardware is required. The [rfsimulator page](../targets/ARCH/rfsimulator/ ) contains the detailed documentation.
## l2 nfapi simulator
This simulator connects a eNodeB and UEs through the nfapi interface.
As for the rf simulator, no specific hardware is required. The [L2 nfapi simlator page]( contains the detailed documentation.
## l1 simulator
The [L1 simulator page]( contains the detailed documentation.
## USRP record player
## noS1 mode
The noS1 mode is now available via the `--noS1`command line option. It can be used with simulators, described above, or when using oai with true RF boards. Only the oai UE can be connected to the oai eNodeB in noS1 mode.
By default the noS1 mode is using linux tun interfaces to send or receive ip packets to/from the linux ip stack. using the `--nokrnmod 0`option you can enforce kernel modules instead of tun.
noS1 code has been revisited, it has been tested with the rf simulator, and tun interfaces. More tests are on going and CI will soon include noS1 tests.
## Monolithic eNodeB with USRP radio head
1. ##
[oai wiki home](
[oai softmodem features](
[oai softmodem build procedure](
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