Commit 48bd667b authored by yilmazt's avatar yilmazt
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Minor fix

parent 77b155c3
......@@ -204,10 +204,8 @@ uint8_t nr_generate_dci_top(NR_gNB_PDCCH pdcch_vars,
/// DCI payload processing
//channel coding
nr_polar_init(&nrPolar_params, NR_POLAR_DCI_MESSAGE_TYPE, dci_alloc.size, pdcch_params.aggregation_level);
t_nrPolar_paramsPtr currentPtr = nr_polar_params(nrPolar_params,
nr_polar_init(nrPolar_params, NR_POLAR_DCI_MESSAGE_TYPE, dci_alloc.size, dci_alloc.L);
t_nrPolar_paramsPtr currentPtr = nr_polar_params(nrPolar_params, NR_POLAR_DCI_MESSAGE_TYPE,dci_alloc.size);
uint8_t *encoderInput = malloc(sizeof(uint8_t) * dci_alloc.size);
uint8_t *encoderOutput = malloc(sizeof(uint8_t) * currentPtr->encoderLength);
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