Commit 4b6f4573 authored by Rohit Gupta's avatar Rohit Gupta
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bugfix for script to remove old programs

parent d65c4a25
......@@ -5,17 +5,19 @@ echo "removing old programs..."
echo "args = $1"
echo "script name = $0"
filename=$(basename "$0")
echo "programs to be killed"
echo "bash PID = $$"
#we need to remove current program and grip as we kill ourselves otherwise :)
var=`ps -aux |grep -E -i $1 | awk '{print $2}'`
echo "filename = $filename"
echo "programs to be killed...$1"
echo $var
echo "bash PID = $$"
echo "pid = $pid"
echo "Killing programs now..."
ps -aux |grep -E -i $1 |awk '{print $2}'| tr '\n' ' ' | sed "s/$pid/ /" | sudo xargs kill -9
echo "$var" | sed 's/'$$'/ /' | sudo xargs kill -9
echo "checking for old programs..."
var=`ps -aux |grep -E -i '$1' |grep -Ev 'grep' | grep -Ev '$filename'`
var=`ps -aux |grep -E -i $1| grep -E -v '$filename|grep|$$'`
echo $var
if [ -n "$var" ]; then echo 'Match found'; else echo 'Match not found' ;fi
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