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Added instructions file for launching nfapi-L2-emulator.

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#Build instructions
source oaienv
cd cmake_targets
#Create lte-softmodem-stub-nos1 (UE) and lte-softmodem-nos1 (eNB) executables
./build_oai --eNB --UE --noS1 -x -t ETHERNET -C
cd lte_noS1_build_oai/build/
make lte-softmodem-nos1
#Execution instuctions (Currently running eNB (VNF) and UE side (PNF) on the same machine using the loopback interface)
cd cmake_targets/tools
# Loading nasmesh
source init_nas_nos1
# Add a new loopback interface address
sudo ifconfig lo: netmask up
cd ..
cd lte_noS1_build_oai/build/
# Run the eNB side on the first terminal (VNF)
sudo ./lte-softmodem-nos1 -O PATH_OF:rcc.band7.tm1.50PRB.nfapi.conf
# Run the UE side on the second terminal (nfapi-L2-PNF) (--num_ues specifying the number of UEs)
sudo ./lte-softmodem-stub-nos1 -U -O PATH_OF:oaiL1.nfapi.usrpb210.conf --num-ues 5 > debug_log.txt
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