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Commit 50f70531 authored by Robert Schmidt's avatar Robert Schmidt

return 0 for unsigned in RAN API

parent d741b951
......@@ -892,12 +892,12 @@ int flexran_get_ue_transmission_antenna(mid_t mod_id, mid_t ue_id)
uint64_t flexran_get_ue_imsi(mid_t mod_id, mid_t ue_id)
uint64_t imsi;
if (!rrc_is_present(mod_id)) return -1;
if (!rrc_is_present(mod_id)) return 0;
rnti_t rnti = flexran_get_ue_crnti(mod_id,ue_id);
struct rrc_eNB_ue_context_s* ue_context_p = rrc_eNB_get_ue_context(RC.rrc[mod_id], rnti);
if (!ue_context_p) return -1;
if (!ue_context_p) return 0;
imsi = ue_context_p->ue_context.imsi.digit15;
imsi += ue_context_p->ue_context.imsi.digit14 * 10; // pow(10, 1)
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