Commit 5885eadf authored by Cedric Roux's avatar Cedric Roux
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Merge branch 'hotfix-i2-galaxy-note-4' into 'develop'

fix size checks of CCCH

it was at the wrong place
it was also wrong (< instead of <=)

See merge request !25
parents 21680ffb 0d7e510d
......@@ -229,6 +229,12 @@ void rx_sdu(
switch (rx_lcids[i]) {
case CCCH :
if (rx_lengths[i] > CCCH_PAYLOAD_SIZE_MAX) {
LOG_E(MAC, "[eNB %d/%d] frame %d received CCCH of size %d (too big, maximum allowed is %d), dropping packet\n",
enb_mod_idP, CC_idP, frameP, rx_lengths[i], CCCH_PAYLOAD_SIZE_MAX);
LOG_I(MAC,"[eNB %d][RAPROC] CC_id %d Frame %d, Received CCCH: %x.%x.%x.%x.%x.%x, Terminating RA procedure for UE rnti %x\n",
payload_ptr[0],payload_ptr[1],payload_ptr[2],payload_ptr[3],payload_ptr[4], payload_ptr[5], rntiP);
......@@ -302,8 +308,6 @@ void rx_sdu(
if (UE_id != -1) {
// This check is just to make sure we didn't get a bogus SDU length, to be removed ...
if (rx_lengths[i]<CCCH_PAYLOAD_SIZE_MAX) {
LOG_D(MAC,"[eNB %d] CC_id %d Frame %d : ULSCH -> UL-DCCH, received %d bytes form UE %d on LCID %d \n",
enb_mod_idP,CC_idP,frameP, rx_lengths[i], UE_id, rx_lcids[i]);
......@@ -321,7 +325,6 @@ void rx_sdu(
NULL);//(unsigned int*)crc_status);
} /* UE_id != -1 */
// }
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