Commit 597519f6 authored by knopp's avatar knopp
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removed trace

parent 64350763
......@@ -101,9 +101,10 @@ uint16_t nr_dci_field(uint32_t dci_pdu[4],
uint64_t *dci_pdu64=(uint64_t*)&dci_pdu[0];
printf("pdu %llx, field %d, pos %d, size %d => %u\n",(long long unsigned int)*dci_pdu64,dci_field,first_bit_position,dci_fields_sizes[dci_field],
(unsigned int)((*dci_pdu64>>first_bit_position)&((1<<dci_fields_sizes[dci_field])-1)));
(unsigned int)((*dci_pdu64>>first_bit_position)&((1<<dci_fields_sizes[dci_field])-1)));*/
return (uint16_t)((*dci_pdu64>>first_bit_position)&((1<<dci_fields_sizes[dci_field])-1));
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