Commit 59752607 authored by gauthier's avatar gauthier

Sebastian Held patches15/0008-cleaned-UE_thread_synch.patch

git-svn-id: 818b1a75-f10b-46b9-bf7c-635c3b92a50f
parent 48d1962a
......@@ -450,7 +450,6 @@ _gtpurh_tg4_rem(struct sk_buff *orig_skb_pP, const struct xt_action_param *par_p
return NF_DROP;
skb_reserve(new_skb_p, LL_MAX_HEADER + ntohs(iph2_p->tot_len));
new_skb_p->protocol = skb_p->protocol;
......@@ -421,19 +421,23 @@ typedef struct {
int instance_cnt_tx;
/// \brief Instance count of RX processing thread (-1 means ready, 0 means busy)
int instance_cnt_rx;
/// \brief Instance cound of initial synchronization thread (-1 means ready, 0 means busy)
/// \brief Instance count of initial synchronization thread (-1 means ready, 0 means busy).
/// Protected by mutex \ref mutex_synch and condition \ref cond_synch.
int instance_cnt_synch;
/// \brief Condition variable for TX processing thread
pthread_cond_t cond_tx;
/// \brief Condition variable for RX processing thread
pthread_cond_t cond_rx;
/// \brief Condition variable for initial synchronization thread
/// \brief Condition variable for initial synchronization thread.
/// The corresponding mutex is \ref mutex_synch.
pthread_cond_t cond_synch;
/// \brief Mutex for TX processing thread
pthread_mutex_t mutex_tx;
/// \brief Mutex for RX processing thread
pthread_mutex_t mutex_rx;
/// \brief Mutex for initial synchronization thread
/// \brief Mutex for initial synchronization thread.
/// Used to protect \ref instance_cnt_synch.
/// \sa cond_synch
pthread_mutex_t mutex_synch;
/// \brief Pthread structure for RX processing thread
pthread_t thread_rx;
......@@ -185,7 +185,7 @@ struct sched_param sched_param_dlsch;
pthread_cond_t sync_cond;
pthread_mutex_t sync_mutex;
int sync_var=-1;
int sync_var=-1; //!< protected by mutex \ref sync_mutex.
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