Commit 599ba826 authored by Cédric Roux's avatar Cédric Roux
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add some debug tracing

parent f1f31a78
......@@ -366,6 +366,14 @@ static void dump_dl(Sched_Rsp_t *d)
A("XXXX up tpc_bitmap %d\n", q->tpc_bitmap);
A("XXXX up transmission_power %d\n", q->transmission_power);
if (p->pdu_type == NFAPI_HI_DCI0_HI_PDU_TYPE) {
nfapi_hi_dci0_hi_pdu_rel8_t *q = &p->hi_pdu.hi_pdu_rel8;
A("XXXX up rb start %d\n", q->resource_block_start);
A("XXXX up cs2_drms %d\n", q->cyclic_shift_2_for_drms);
A("XXXX up ack %d\n", q->hi_value);
A("XXXX up i_phich %d\n", q->i_phich);
A("XXXX up power %d\n", q->transmission_power);
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