Commit 5affbe38 authored by wluhan's avatar wluhan

added resynchronization parameters to PHY_VARS_eNB

parent f1abf1a7
......@@ -410,6 +410,8 @@ typedef struct PHY_VARS_eNB_s {
int single_thread_flag;
openair0_rf_map rf_map;
int abstraction_flag;
int iframe_offset;
int isubframe_offset;
void (*do_prach)(struct PHY_VARS_eNB_s *eNB);
void (*fep)(struct PHY_VARS_eNB_s *eNB);
int (*td)(struct PHY_VARS_eNB_s *eNB,int UE_id,int harq_pid,int llr8_flag);
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